Power  is necessity of life. Specially  today indi ane of the rapidly growing  advance developing country, requires eleicity in every aspect of its progress.To fight  this shortage of power and to deal  with this effciently and economically .SKN-BENTEX joined hand with leading  manufacturers of capacitor which have fully equipped plants with automatic machineries and modern testing  equipments, provide a complate and versatile infrastructure  for the manufacring of world class capacitors.
All capacitors are manufactured under the supervision of highly experienced engineers & technicians ensuring manufacturing process and quality and are (ISI)marked to complly with mandatory regulations of Electricity boards.


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1. Improve system  voltage & substantilly  reduce KVA Demand.

2. Additinal load can be installed with out invesment in capital equipment.

3. reduce in line  loses.


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4. Increase life of electrical equipment with better performance.


5. Improve power factor:(with elimination penalty for loe power factor).

6. Expenses incurred or recovered with in a year.

7. robust design and compact size.

8. Minimum power loss.

9. Minimum tempareture rise with high thermal stability.