Three Phase Whole Current Meter
Single phase whole current meter
Three Phase Whole Current Meter

A leading name  in the filed of single phase/three phase, static energy meters conforming  to-IS and eqiivalent to other internatinal standard.
Make energy meters are ISI marked. Electricity is a most widly used source of energy. Now for the past serveral years. the company is bringing numerous further imporvement us to diversity our activities in most advanced technology to manufacture static(Electronics) energy meter.

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Three Phase Counter Meter:- Three phase counter based meter is a low cost yet very accurate
energy metering device. This device can measure energy usage in very harsh electrical environment.
Meter can accurate energy metering even under severe tampering conditions viz. single phasing,
Neutral missing, phase sequence reversal.

Key Features:-  


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  •  240V+20% to -50% wide working voltage range for Indian environment
  •  Three phase, 4 wire network.
  •  5A, 10A Basic current
  •  20A, 40A, 60A maximum current
  •  Class 1 accuracy as per IS:13779-99
  •  Digital signal processing for better accuracy in tropical climate.
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